"On behalf of my children and myself we want to thank you for the time (resident) was in your care at cottage view. You help(ed) me during a period of much needed respite. I can not Express the peace I felt knowing (resident) was in a place where he was safe and taken care. The staff is very compassionate, respectful and loving to my dear husband."

- Wife of resident

"The caregivers are very warm and loving. I have felt from day one the love and care, meals and upkeep are excellent. What is most comforting is that I can rest assured she is well looked out for 24/7."

-E.K. husband of resident

"Thank you so much for everything you do, your kindness, patience and for making my brother's stay here successful. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

- Resident's family member

"She was so happy at Cottage View, she loved it there and all of the staff."    

- Power of Attorney of resident

"You have no idea how much I appreciate your services and what you do for me"


“ I highly recommend Cottage View to anyone in need of their services. Placing a loved one here will receive the very best loving care and attention. Cottage View Assisted Living provides a homelike environment that we wish for our loved one. For the first time in years I have been able to go to sleep at night knowing she was extremely well cared for as though she was their own.”

- J.L. Mother of Cottage View Resident

"You have a star in heaven"

- Spouse of a resident

I want to thank you for admitting him back to Cottage View  after each hospitalization. My greatest fear was that he would end up in a convalescent home, and with   COVID restrictions, all alone. Instead he ended his days surrounded by very caring and compassionate caregivers that saw him as family and  he felt safe and loved. I couldn't be by him as much,  but again,  he was in a place that had become  home to him, surrounded by familiar faces and hearing sweet voices speaking kind words to him. I am forever grateful to you  and your staff.

-Maria Vega